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Dairy Isle


In 2001 we celebrated our 25th anniversary by selling cones for only 25 cents!  On that hot summer day we sold over 2,200 cones.

There's nothing quite like ice cream to bring on a smile. Everyone loves it, but it doesn’t fit into everyone’s diet and lifestyle.  We have added Almond-Milk Swirl to our list of flavors - The #1 Vegan Ice Cream.  Made with almond-milk, the most popular dairy-free choice, Almond-Milk Swirl tastes just like ice cream and can be made into more than 40 yummy flavors that will keep you coming back again and again. 


We also feature Dole-Whip for those craving a vegan​ and dairy free option.

Today when you come to visit you will be greated with a smile, as well as a consistant products and sizes that have remained the same since the first day we opened.  We are looking forward to making memories with the future generations every season.  We'll see you soon!






How we started


The building started off as a 'Dairy Isle,' a franchise from Chicago. The store closed in 1975.  Kone King opened in April of 1976.  The buliding with the large cone out front started with three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and twist (half vanilla/half chocolate).  


We are a family owned and operated creamery who cares about our customers.  We kick off each season on March 1st, and is dubed by the community as 'free cone day' by giving a free small cone to each customer.  


In 1977 we added more soft serve machines in order to keep up with demands of different varieties of flavors.  We now rotate our flavors twice a week.  Be sure to check out our FLAVOR FORECAST above.  


With times changing we needed to keep our customers interested by introducing our twister product in 1986.  A twister is vanilla custard blended at high speeds with your choice of fruit sundae topping, nuts or candy.




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